Megabox Delivery

Where can MEGABOXES be dropped off to load?

Off Street (Property)

Our Megaboxes can be delivered pretty much anywhere where you can park a car or trailer. Off street drop offs includes spots like, driveways, garages, and carports. However we do have some requirements in order to delivery a Megabox to your property.


  • Height clearance of 3.4m
  • Width clearance of 2.5m
  • Time limits – 3 days


All our Megabox’s are delivered on registered trailers, which means we can deliver them where any normal car can park. This allows you to load your MegaBox during your own time.


  • A MegaBox requires a kerb side spot of roughly 4 meters which is around 1.5 car spots.
  • The street must have a minimum width of 5 meters. This allows us to manoeuvre the trailer back and forth into your desired spot.
  • Parking restrictions – if you wish to have a MegaBox delivered on a street in which has parking restrictions, i.e. hourly zones. You will need to organise a permit from your local council before we can deliver your MegaBox.
  • If you live on a busy street, it is best to reserve a car space closest to your property.
  • Time limits – 3 days

Any fines associated with the Megabox delivery will be the customer's responsibility.


Wait Service

If you only require one MEGABOX, you can book a Wait Service. Our friendly MEGABOX drivers will patiently wait on-site for up to 30 minutes, completely free of charge, while you load or unload your MEGABOX.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.