How MegaBox Works?

MegaBox Mobile Storage Sydney: Transforming Your Storage Experience

If you've been pondering over a seamless, stress-free storage solution in Sydney, your search ends here. At MegaBox Mobile Storage, we redefine the traditional perception of storage, curating bespoke solutions, and delivering space exactly when you need it. We are not just any mobile storage service; we are your moving partner.

Service Options

Two Tailor-Made Storage Services to Suit Your Needs

If you've been pondering over a seamless, stress-free storage solution in Sydney, your search ends here. At MegaBox Mobile Storage, we redefine the traditional perception of storage, curating bespoke solutions, and delivering space exactly when you need it. We are not just any mobile storage service; we are your moving partner.

Self Move-In Service

There's something empowering about having control over your things, packing and unpacking them according to your own convenience. That's precisely what our Self Move-In service offers. When you choose this service, you bring your items to our facility. You are then free to pack your belongings at your own pace. When you're done, we store the MegaBox safely at our secured facility. It's that simple, and the best part, it all revolves around you!

Deliver to Door Service

If you're seeking a more comprehensive service, our Deliver to Door offering is perfect for you. Not only do we deliver the MegaBox to your doorstep, but we also assist you in packing your stuff if needed. Our experienced team members are skilled in carefully handling and storing items, offering peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are in safe hands. Once everything is securely packed, we take the MegaBox back to our storage facility until you need your items again.

How Much Space?

Deciding on the Amount of Storage Space You Need with MegaBox

At MegaBox Mobile Storage Sydney, we have designed our services to cater to a wide range of storage requirements. Whether you're storing items from a small apartment or a large family home, we have a solution to suit your needs. Let's explore the different space options we offer:

Handy Tip!

Remember, our 'Calcumate' feature can help you estimate how much of your stuff may fit into a MegaBox and determine how many MegaBoxes you may need. Simply input the details of your belongings, and 'Calcumate' will do the rest.

1 MegaBox - 10m^3

This option is perfect for individuals living in studio apartments or with a similar amount of items. With a volume of 10 cubic meters (10m^3), a single MegaBox can conveniently accommodate the typical contents of a studio apartment. From furniture and electronics to personal belongings, this option provides enough space for your basic essentials.

2 MegaBox - 20m^3

If you are looking to store items from a 1-2 bedroom house, the 2 MegaBox option is the ideal fit. Offering a total volume of 20 cubic meters (20m^3), this choice has double the capacity of a single MegaBox, accommodating more furniture, appliances, and other larger belongings you may have.

3 MegaBox - 30m^3

Our popular option for those with a 2-3 bedroom house, the 3 MegaBox option, with a total volume of 30 cubic meters (30m^3), provides ample space to store your items. This option ensures that even with more rooms worth of belongings, you won't run out of storage space.

4 MegaBox - 40m^3

For large family homes, we recommend our largest offering - the 4 MegaBox option. With a whopping volume of 40 cubic meters (40m^3), it is capable of storing the contents of an entire large family home. From multiple rooms of furniture to various household and garage items, this option ensures you have the space to store it all.

How Long?

Storage Duration Options at MegaBox Mobile Storage Sydney

At MegaBox Mobile Storage Sydney, we aim to offer flexible storage solutions tailored to your needs. We understand that your storage needs may vary in terms of duration, and hence, we offer three versatile options to accommodate your requirements.

Month to Month

No Lock-in Contracts

If your storage needs are temporary or unpredictable, our month-to-month plan is perfect for you. This flexible option allows you to store your items for as long (or as little) as you need without the burden of a long-term commitment. You're not locked into any set price or term and can choose to extend or terminate your storage agreement on a monthly basis.

6-12 Months

Free Re-Delivery

For customers looking for a medium-term storage solution, our 6-12 month plan is the ideal choice. Not only does it offer a stable storage period for your belongings, but it also comes with a significant perk - free re-delivery of your MegaBox. At the end of your storage term or anytime you need your items back within this period, we'll deliver your MegaBox back to your doorstep at no additional cost.

12 Months+

13th Month Free - Free Delivery - Free Re-Delivery

For those in need of long-term storage, our 12-month plan offers the most value. When you sign up for this plan, you receive the 13th month of storage absolutely free. Moreover, we'll deliver your MegaBox to your doorstep for packing free of charge at the beginning of your contract. And when the time comes to return your belongings, we provide free re-delivery. It's an all-inclusive, cost-effective solution for those seeking an extended storage term.

Extra Services

Choose From Various Deliver to Door Service Options

Drop Off Service

Our Drop Off service is designed for those who appreciate the freedom to pack their items at their own pace. Take your time and load the MegaBox at your pace and at the convenience of your doorstep. We deliver a MegaBox to your doorstep, and you pack your belongings whenever it suits you. When you're ready, we'll collect the MegaBox and transport it to our secure storage facility.

Wait Service

Our Wait Service is perfect for customers who can pack their belongings quickly or have only a few items to store. The perfect option if your delivery address has any parking restrictions too. We deliver your MegaBox and then our driver will wait whilst you load the MegaBox and then take it away for storage on the same day. This service ensures minimal disruption to your day.

One Man Service

Why not grab an extra hand with one of our professional removalists to help load your MegaBox? With our One Man Service, you receive professional help from one of our experienced team members. They'll assist with the packing and lifting, ensuring a smooth moving process. It's an excellent option if you have heavy or delicate items that require expert handling.

Premium Service

Let us do all the work! Get two professional removalists along to load your MegaBox. The Premium Service is our comprehensive, full-service option for those who prefer a hands-off approach. Our team delivers your MegaBox, packs your belongings professionally, transports the MegaBox to our storage facility, and even unpacks upon return. With this service, we handle everything, offering complete peace of mind.

Timings & Booking

Choose Your Most Preferred Time Slot

At MegaBox, we understand how crucial it is to align with our customers' schedules. Hence, we offer three convenient time slots, allowing you to choose a pickup and delivery time that suits you best. If you're uncertain or need storage services in the future, you can also request a quote for later once you have more information.

Receive Your Quote and Book Your MegaBox

With MegaBox Mobile Storage, it's not just about storing; it's about the journey and experience. We offer unmatched convenience, from delivering the MegaBox to your doorstep, providing free packaging materials, and even assisting with packing if needed. By combining state-of-the-art storage solutions with exceptional customer service, we're here to make your storage journey as straightforward and pleasant as possible. 

Experience the MegaBox Advantage today - space delivered to your doorstep, exactly when you need it most.

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