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Home renovations can be exciting and daunting, and
homeowners often struggle with storage during renovations.

MegaBox, a mobile self-storage company in Sydney, provides convenient solutions that bring storage directly to you. This
saves time, money, and heavy lifting on moving items back and


When selling your home, clutter and excess belongings can be stressful. MegaBox can help with portable self-storage units. We come to you, you pack, and we store until you're ready for delivery

Units come in different sizes and are made of high-quality steel. We also offer packing materials for extra protection.
MegaBox makes preparing for sale easy.


Travelling can be challenging for packing, but mobile storage helps. We can securely pack and retrieve your belongings, saving you time and money on transportation. It's great for bulky items and simplifying your trip.

MegaBox in Sydney offers high-quality wooden storage containers to keep your items safe. Mobile storage simplifies travel and is an excellent option for exploring the world.

Staging a home

Staging a home is crucial for selling it. It can be tricky when you still live there with personal belongings and furniture. MegaBox offers long-term mobile storage solutions. Containers are delivered to your property, securing unnecessary belongings until your home sells.

Removing items creates a spacious and inviting atmosphere for buyers. The containers have ground-level access and durable locks. MegaBox Storage makes staging stress-free.

Pros of Using Mobile Storage Units When Travelling

As a student, travelling or house sharing can be pretty daunting, especially when keeping your personal belongings safe and secure. That's where MegaBox mobile storage units in Sydney come in handy. Here are some advantages of using our portable storage units:

Flexible and convenient

Our mobile storage units allow students to store their personal belongings on the go. You can access your storage unit whenever you need it, allowing you to retrieve your items without any hassle.


At MegaBox, we understand that students operate on a tight budget. That's why we offer affordable storage solutions with no hidden storage costs. Our transparent pricing structure allows you to budget easily for storage charges based on your storage period without worrying about hidden fees.

High-level security

Keeping your personal belongings safe and secure is our utmost priority. Our mobile storage units are designed to withstand water leaks and extreme weather conditions, ensuring your items remain safe and in good condition. 

Our storage warehouse also features the latest security measures to protect your belongings from theft. With MegaBox's secure storage facilities, students can travel with peace of mind, knowing their personal belongings are safe.

Easier to move from one place to another

If you're a student who moves frequently or is moving overseas or interstate to study, MegaBox's mobile storage units in Sydney are perfect for you. We offer secure and flexible storage solutions for your personal belongings, and our portable storage units can be used as moving boxes. They're a breeze  for us to load and unload, and can be transported anywhere using a forklift.

You can also have 24/7 accessibility to your belongings, allowing you to move them from one place to another whenever you need them. This eliminates the hassle of packing and unpacking multiple times when travelling or moving.

Perfect Solutions for Long-Term and Short-Term Use

No matter what your furniture storage needs are, MegaBox has the perfect solutions for both long-term and temporary storage. Contact us to learn more about our range of services and solutions.

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Store At Home Or On-site While Travelling

MegaBox offers storage space options for students during semester breaks, studying abroad or living in a house share. Students can store their belongings on-site or at home.

At MegaBox, we ensure students' belongings' safety and security while travelling—no worries about unused rent, water damage, or safety at home. MegaBox provides a perfect solution to your storage needs while offering you peace of mind with secure storage.

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Mobile Storage For Students

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