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Home renovations can be exciting and daunting, and
homeowners often struggle with storage during renovations.

MegaBox, a mobile self-storage company in Sydney, provides convenient solutions that bring storage directly to you. This
saves time, money, and heavy lifting on moving items back and


When selling your home, clutter and excess belongings can be stressful. MegaBox can help with portable self-storage units. We come to you, you pack, and we store until you're ready for delivery

Units come in different sizes and are made of high-quality steel. We also offer packing materials for extra protection.
MegaBox makes preparing for sale easy.


Travelling can be challenging for packing, but mobile storage helps. We can securely pack and retrieve your belongings, saving you time and money on transportation. It's great for bulky items and simplifying your trip.

MegaBox in Sydney offers high-quality wooden storage containers to keep your items safe. Mobile storage simplifies travel and is an excellent option for exploring the world.

Staging a home

Staging a home is crucial for selling it. It can be tricky when you still live there with personal belongings and furniture. MegaBox offers long-term mobile storage solutions. Containers are delivered to your property, securing unnecessary belongings until your home sells.

Removing items creates a spacious and inviting atmosphere for buyers. The containers have ground-level access and durable locks. MegaBox Storage makes staging stress-free.

Why Pick MegaBox Mobile Storage When Travelling

MegaBox mobile storage units in Sydney are the perfect solution for individuals who are always travelling. Our portable storage solutions provide a convenient and affordable way to keep your personal belongings safe and secure while on the move.

Short-term mobile storage

MegaBox offers convenient short-term mobile storage solutions in Sydney, perfect for those needing extra travel space. Our portable storage units are ideal for personal belongings, household items, delicate and expensive items, and even business storage. 

Our storage service includes a delivery service, packing materials, and professional removalists to help you with heavy lifting. 

Long-term mobile storage

Long-term storage can be a hassle, especially if you're travelling abroad for work or relocating. Fortunately, MegaBox offers mobile storage solutions that make the process smoother and more convenient. At MegaBox, we provide personalised storage services catering to your needs. 

You can choose the storage period that suits your schedule. Whether you're looking for temporary storage during your travels or long-term storage for business or home remodelling, MegaBox has the perfect solution.

Units are durable and affordable

Our portable storage unit is equipped with durable materials to protect your delicate and expensive items from water damage and other unforeseen circumstances. We guarantee an affordable price for our storage service, free from any additional charges or hidden fees. 

Our delivery service makes it easy for you to access your stored items when and where you need them. With MegaBox mobile storage providers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your items are safe and secure for the whole storage period.

Secure and convenient units

With MegaBox, you can enjoy the convenience of having your storage unit delivered directly to your doorstep. Our units are weather-resistant, secure, and available in one handy size to accommodate all your storage needs. You can keep your belongings safe and secure, knowing only you can access your unit.

Our mobile storage units are perfect for travellers who need a secure and convenient storage option while on the go. Whether travelling for business, relocating, or simply needing extra storage space, MegaBox has got you covered. 

At MegaBox, our units are available for short- and long-term storage, making them the perfect solution for your storage needs. Our secure storage facility is also designed with 24/7 surveillance to protect your items from theft or damage. With MegaBox, you won't have to worry about heavy lifting as our professional removalists do all the work for you.

Perfect Solutions for Long-Term and Short-Term Use

No matter what your furniture storage needs are, MegaBox has the perfect solutions for both long-term and temporary storage. Contact us to learn more about our range of services and solutions.

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Exceptional customer service when travelling

At MegaBox, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our team is dedicated to delivering our customers the best possible storage solutions. We handle all aspects of storage, from pickup to delivery, making your storage experience as stress-free as possible.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and convenient storage solution while on the go, look no further than MegaBox Mobile Storage Units in Sydney.

MegaBox: Trusted Mobile Storage Unit Services In Sydney

MegaBox is the most trusted mobile storage unit service in Sydney. With our innovative and modern approach to storage solutions, MegaBox has quickly become the go-to choice for those looking for a convenient and hassle-free storage solution when travelling.

Our mobile storage units are designed to provide a secure space for all personal belongings, household items, and delicate and expensive items without heavy lifting.

MegaBox offers affordable pricing with a price guarantee and no additional charges. We also provide delivery services, packing materials, and durable materials. 

At MegaBox, our customers have peace of mind knowing that their items are safe and secure in our mobile storage units. Choose MegaBox for all your storage needs in Sydney.

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Mobile Storage When Travelling

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